Jim Duggan Headed Into Surgery For Planned Procedure

Hacksaw Jim Duggan announced to fans via social media that he’s heading back into the hospital for a planned heart procedure. Duggan dealt with a scary moment over last year’s Thanksgiving weekend when his heart went into AFib (atrial fibrillation) which involves an irregular heartbeat. This seems to be a follow-up procedure to the matter and Duggan went on to ask fans for some thoughts and prayers as the surgery gets underway,

On my way to the hospital for a planned heart procedure, will be in over night. Then back HOOOOOING. Any good thoughts and prayers will be appreciated. See you down the road.


In an interview with TMZ Sports after last year’s occurrence, Duggan talked how frightening that situation was and how he encourages any fans to see a doctor immediately if they sense any trouble.

I kinda knew something was wrong, but I was scared to go to the doctor,” Hacksaw says. “If there’s something wrong, go to the doctor. They can save your life like they might’ve done mine.

My main concern, I have 2 daughters and my wife, I just wanted to survive it. Thankfully, it looks like I’ll be able to.

We here at WrestleZone sends our best wishes and regards to Duggan for a healthy and speedy recovery.