Figure Friday: FOCO WWE Ric Flair Bobblehead (Photos)

It’s Figure Friday and this week we take a look at the new FOCO WWE Ric Flair Bobblehead! WOO! Of course this isn’t your typical “figure” but it’s an awesome collectible that’ll have you strutting once you’ve got your hands on it. Honestly, it’s my favorite FOCO WWE bobblehead so far!

The Packaging

Unfortunately there is no window packaging to these if you’ve missed my other FOCO bobblehead reviews, but the packaging is still very nice and slick with a clean look that looks very similar to the Mattel 2019 packaging. On the box is a full photo of the bobblehead inside as well as a photo of a young Flair on the back.

The bobblehead is surrounded by very thick styrofoam inside as well as plastic wrap and a foam neck protector to prevent the head from rattling in transit.

The Head Sculpt

I’ve seen several people nitpick the sculpt after seeing the prototype images online. Some love it, others hate it, but honestly after having it in person I think it looks a lot like him. It’s not 100% of course but it’s really close and he’s doing his signature “Woo!” facial expression. His mouth is hollow rather than just painted on and his hair is highly detailed, too. As mentioned above the head is protected by a foam piece that prevents damage while in transit.

The Body

Flair’s robe and body are extremely detailed, as it should be with his eccentric robes. His robe is actually covered in glitter, which is good and bad. It looks amazing and captures the shine, but it is fragile in that the glitter comes off quite easily, as you can see by the photos below. Besides the glitter you can see “Nature Boy” on the back of his robe, which is great. Even his long, dangling sleeves are sculpted to look “feathered” to give it the authentic look. Lastly, on his boot is a nut and screw that will lock him to the display stand.

The Display Stand

Lastly, Flair’s display stand is really cool. It looks like the old WCW Monday Nitro stage with the WWE Legends logo on top. The stand is decked out with images and logos of Flair, making it a really awesome display piece as it’s so vibrant and colorful. Flair’s screw on his foot goes through the base and locks on the bottom with the nut and washer to secure him to the stand. Once it’s all put together it looks amazing and fits in well with the others.


I love this bobblehead. It’s probably my favorite of those released so far and it’s very nostalgic for me, too. My biggest gripe is the glitter as I don’t like glitter since it’s so messy, but it does make his robe look so great. Besides that though it’s really nice as it’s so detailed and is great for any classic wrestling fan whom loves The Nature Boy! If you’d like to see him more in detail be sure to check out my video review below.

You can currently order him on the website or even win one in the Wrestling Figure News Source Wrestlemania contest currently going on via Twitter so be sure to enter that if you haven’t yet! Thanks for tuning in and I’ll see you next week!