Tom Phillips On SmackDown’s Ending: ‘The Whole Building Erupted’

On today’s episode of SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio, WWE announcer Tom Phillips was the guest. He was asked about Kofi Kingston finally getting his title shot last night and how the crowd reacted.

“Byron was coming out of his shoes. He was excited as we all were. The whole building erupted, the place was going nuts. It was just a remarkable situation that Big E and Xavier Woods pulled off a miracle. They were put in a situation … a tag team gauntlet match and they had that sense of relief when The Usos, arguably the best team on the planet right now, said, ‘We respect you. We respect Kofi. We’re going to forfeit.’ So it was a slight reprieve and here comes Bryan and Rowan. It was an incredible roller coaster of emotions. To see Big E & Xavier … get it done, it was elation at Mohegan Sun.”

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