Billy Gunn Talks Hall of Fame Induction And Chyna: ‘It Just Solidifies What We Did In The Business’

Billy Gunn appeared on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast to discuss his upcoming induction into WWE’s Hall of Fame. When asked about how he feels about D-Generation X getting the nod, Billy’s only regret is that Chyna couldn’t accompany them. “It is going to be great to around all of those guys and you know I wish Chyna was there but she’ll be there in spirit and I’ll probably wear my little Chyna shirt under my tuxedo.” He also stated that going into the Hall “solidifies what we did in the business.” “We were really doing stuff just to have fun but it actually turned into being something that was awesome and obviously they are putting us in the Hall of Fame so that is cool too.”

Thinking back to the beginnings of his pairing with Road Dogg, he had some initial misgivings. “I really didn’t and I never got in the business to do that. I just got in because someone was going to go give me a platform where I could go act like an idiot and be silly and goofy and have people that would actually pay attention to me when I’m doing these things.” After a bit, the New Age Outlaws were “skyrocketing”, even before the pairing with DX. The two groups were just a “natural fit.” “Hunter needed some guys that would fit that mold and we fit the mold perfectly and obviously now because we are going in the Hall of Fame but it is cool to be acknowledged for what we did and it is cool to be with all of those guys.”

Finally, Chad and JP asked if Billy Gunn’s version of DX made more of an impression than the original. After jokingly saying that he and Road Dogg were the ones that made the group, he shifts into ensuring that Chyna’s memory endures alongside the boys. “It was an all-around effort and I’ve said this in a couple of interviews and I don’t think that I would’ve went because there is no way that you can put in DX and not put Chyna in with them.” He also talked about this induction opening up the possibility of Chyna going into the hall as a solo act. “Let’s just be happy that she is going and that she is going with a group that really put her on the map and yes, she did some great stuff by herself and she was probably the greatest female entertainer that we will ever see.”

For more of Billy Gunn’s thoughts, you can check out the full clip in the video below. Thanks to Chad and JP of the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast for the transcriptions.

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