Tanahashi & Ospreay vs. Suzuki-Gun Announced For Rev Pro NYC Show, WrestleMania’s Grandest Farewells

Tanahashi & Ospreay vs. Suzuki & Sabre Jr. Announced For Rev Pro

Rev Pro will be heading to New York City in style as they just dropped a huge announcement for it’s upcoming show in New York City on April 5th. The promotion’s Twitter handle just revealed this morning that Hiroshi Tanahashi will team with Will Ospreay against Minoru Suzuki and Zack Sabre Jr. in one of the show’s headliners:

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WrestleMania’s Grandest Farewells

WrestleMania is the biggest pro wrestling event of the year, and the “Showcase Of The Immortals” has been the showcase of the grandest goodbyes from some of the sport’s top stars. WWE compiled it’s top ten farewells from some of the company’s most familiar faces:

Before Kurt Angle’s “Freakin’ Farewell Tour” and retirement match at WrestleMania 35, WWE Top 10 counts down the biggest farewell matches to take place on The Grandest Stage of Them All – presented by #SNICKERS.