WWE Elite 67 In-Depth Review (Photos)

If you didn’t know, the latest Mattel WWE Elite series, WWE Elite 67, is now available on RingsideCollectibles.com and it’s a stacked set! This set features several first time in the line figures, such as Velveteen Dram, Shayna Baszler, and Cedric Alexander as well as Rey Mysterio’s first Elite figure in years!

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Poetry In Motion . Thanks to @mattel and @ringsidec for Jeff Hardy! . Check out my in-depth review of WWE Elite 67 tomorrow on @wrestlezonecom! . See the making of this photo on an upcoming episode of WrestleZone’s Figure 2 Photo! . Save 10% on RingsideCollectibles.com with discount code MBG at checkout! . Save 15% on Extreme-Sets.com with code MBG1211 at checkout! . Lighting by @lumecube – order these amazing lights today! . #WWE #WWEEliteSquad #HardyBoys #SmackDown #ACBA #ActionFigures #Toys #Usos #WWE #FigLife #JeffHardy #MattHardy #MattelWWE #Toyartistry #Toycollector #Toycommunity #ToyCrewBuddies #ToyPhoto #ToyPhotography #ToyPics #toys4life #toyslagram #toyphotogram #toystagram #wrestlingactionfigures #wrestlingfigures #WWEactionfigure #WWEFigs #WWEFigures #WWEToys #WFPShot

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The set includes:

  • Velveteen Dream
  • Shayna Baszler
  • Cedric Alexander
  • Rey Mysterio
  • Randy Orton
  • Jeff Hardy (with chase variant)

Velveteen Dream

Velveteen Dream is a fantastic looking figure. He comes with a cloth shirt as well as his three-lens sunglasses. Not to mention he sports quite an elaborate hairdo, which is very detailed. For his first figure it’s really nice. He has his purple tights as well as new boot molds that look feathered so to speak. He also has swappable hands so you can recreate his entrance to perfection!

For a figure I think it’s nice. I wish it was a more elaborate attire but I’m sure he’ll have plenty more figures in the future. It sold out really fast on Ringside but recently came back in so don’t sleep on getting this as you won’t regret it!

Shayna Baszler

Shayna is another decent figure in this stacked series. Many people complain about her head scan as her hair in a ponytail than hanging down the sides of her face, but it’s still a great looking figure. She comes with a mini towel to put around her neck to recreate her entrance as well. Her attire is super detailed and she comes with the NXT title; however, she comes with the men’s version than the women’s. Mattel didn’t paint the X on her title for some reason, which is odd, so instead it would technically be the men’s version. If this bothers you you can always paint it to make it accurate, but here’s hoping we get a correct one down the line.

Overall, I like the figure. I don’t know of her as much as I do others in NXT, but I think it looks good. I do wish the belt was fixed but it’s not the end of the world as I’m sure we’ll get a correct one eventually.

Cedric Alexander

Cedric’s first figure turned out pretty good although they gave him a tiny torso when he is a lot more ripped. Many have an issue with this as he’s just too scrawny for how in-shape he truly is, but if you can overlook that he is great otherwise. He’s got great detail in his attire, his hand/wrist tape is included plus his necklace is painted on and he is even sporting his partially shaved head haircut. All he’s missing is his long sleeve entrance shirt. If you never picked up the Cruiserweight Championship then that’s an extra bonus for you as well as I think it’s one of the coolest WWE belts Mattel has made. He also comes with swappable hands.

Overall, his figure is pretty good. It’s not bad for his first and I’m not sure when we will see another one of him honestly. Unfortunately he’s not as ripped as he should be, but I’ve seen people do torso swaps if you’re able to pull that off! I recommend picking him up as who knows if and when we will see another of him.

Rey Mysterio

I was probably most excited for this figure as it represents my childhood back in WCW from Halloween Havoc. This Rey goes great with the Hall of Fame Eddie that released a few years ago and it’s super detailed. Rey is a tiny figure, which is great for height accuracy and his detail is just awesome. He also has gauntlets molded onto his wrists, which is a nice touch. My only real gripe with him though is that his hands are too big for his body. They didn’t give him Rey Mysterio-sized hands like his older Mattel figs, so they look a bit oversized. You can swap them with fists though, which is nice. He also comes with the WWE old school Cruiserweight title and a flight stand to pose him in the air.

Overall, I really like this figure minus the hands. The detail is nice as they captured the complicated attire really well and it’s just a colorful figure in general that will stand out from your other figures. I highly recommend it if you can overlook the hand issue.

Randy Orton

This may be Randy’s best figure to date. The likeness on him is fantastic with the new True FX scanning/printing technology and the detail of his tattoos is amazing. He comes with a rubber hoodie, which is a bit tough to remove so be patient when doing so. They also didn’t paint the white strings or trim on it, which is odd. He has blue deco designs on his trunks, which are a bit difficult to see as it just doesn’t contrast well, but besides that he looks great. He has swappable “Randy Orton hands” to recreate his famous pose with his arms out as well as fists to swap with those.

Overall, this figure is fantastic. If you’ve passed on previous Orton’s I highly recommend you get this one as it is easily his best to date.

Jeff Hardy

Jeff has two figures in this set, one being a chase variant. The main release one is the baby blue colored one and it is really cool. There’s a ton of detail on his sleeves and even in his face paint covering his new yelling head scan. You can even see the small tattoos on his hands, so Mattel didn’t skip a beat! He features his finger gun type hands and comes with swappable fists and a US title.

The chase Jeff Hardy is the American flag colored one that is royal blue with red, white and blue face paint. He also comes with swappable fist hands and a US title. This figure is randomly packed with cases of Elite 67 at retail, but you may still be able to get him on Ringside if they still have him in-stock. Jeff’s figures sell very quickly though most of the time.

Overall, I love the main release one. It’s just super detailed and the colors are great. The chase one is okay, just a more simple look if you prefer that version.


This is a great set of WWE Elite figures honestly. There’s several new faces and they all look pretty great honestly. I highly recommend picking them up on Ringside if you don’t want to wait. You can SAVE 10% with discount code MBG at checkout as well!

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