The Rock Reminisces On The Classic Beer Truck Segment, Praises Vince Russo

Today is the 20th anniversary of the iconic RAW moment where Steve Austin brought a beer truck down to the ring and began spraying Vince McMahon, his son Shane, and The Rock with beer. As such, The Rock took some time to reminisce about the segment on Twitter.

He praised how tough Austin was. “[Austin] was operating here with a legit broken neck so we had to be creative with keeping our physicality to a minimum until our big Wrestlemania match,” wrote The Rock. “The result was one of the most entertaining segments to ever take place on [live television].”

He also credited Vince Russo for his work behind-the scenes. “Not sure why [Vince Russo] would catch crap over this,” wrote the actor. “I had a great time working with that guy. I had some crazy out of box ideas and never once did he bat an eyelash. He’d always say, ‘F— yeah let’s do it.’ And we did. And we killed. Always fun!”

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