Japanese Joshi Legend Manami Toyota Upset At Bea Priestley For Using Her Finisher

The name Manami Toyota is synonymous with Japanese women’s wrestling and the in-ring legend of The Rising Sun is upset at Bea Priestley for using one of her wrestling maneuvers. Priestley used Toyota’s “Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex” in a match for Stardom and Toyota took to Twitter to show her displeasure at the use of the move because according to her, she wasn’t asked for permission. The following is the original Toyota Tweet and translation of said Tweet below:

Toyota posted another Tweet, giving further details about the usage of the move (translation below):

“There are various opinions, but the Japanese ocean Cyclone soup Rex is the original technique that I used very carefully. It is handed down and is used carefully by Tsukasa Fujimoto and Ikuto Hidaka. I do not want other players to use it without permission in the sense to honor these two people.”

Today is Priestley’s 23rd birthday so hopefully the matter is all a misunderstanding. If you’ve never seen the move here is a clip of it below:

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