The Undisputed Era Could Reportedly Get A New Member

It’s WrestleMania season, which means that change is in the air. For the past several years after Mania, we’ve seen several NXT stars make their debut on the main roster. Despite a large group of wrestlers already moving up in the past few months, we could see a few more join them in the weeks to come. One name floating around is Shayna Baszler. A dominant champion on NXT, Shayna seems ready for primetime were she to lose her title at TakeOver. According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, this is one possibility. And, if this were to happen, the plans for her two lackeys include a run-in with The Undisputed Era.

Meltzer claims that Marina Shafir could be joining Adam Cole’s faction “to add sizzle.” Were this to happen, Jessamyn Duke would join the women’s roster as a singles competitor. Shafir has already teamed with the group at house shows in Florida, showing that WWE is thinking about the idea. Meltzer goes on to speculate that Undisputed Era is also pretty much ready to move on from NXT, but that both the group and Baszler would face difficulties under WWE Creative. The Era isn’t “Vince’s kind of group,” and Baszler could suffer due to her age despite all her natural pros in the ring.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter