Ronda Rousey On If She’ll Main Event WrestleMania: ‘It Seems Like A Foregone Conclusion’

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

The latest video blog for Ronda Rousey is now live. In it, she jokes about Braun Strowman being her husband Travis Browne’s “boyfriend,” has Strowman show off his freakishly large tongue, and talks about if she’ll main event WrestleMania. Despite there being rumors that the match won’t get top billing, Rousey isn’t worried.

“Well, I feel like I’ve already done everything necessary to make it the main event,” said Rousey. “It’s even gotten to the point where people are talking about rumors that it might not be the main event. It seems like such a foregone conclusion that I’ve done everything I possibly could to make it the main event.”

Check out the full video below: