Kenny Omega Teases DDT Return, Says AEW Will ‘Never Forget Where We Came From’

Kenny Omega made a surprise appearance, via a pre-recorded video, at DDT’s latest show. Many thought it would be just to add to Michael Nakazawa’s graduation ceremony, but he had some news as well. Omega announced that Nakazawa will still work for DDT in the future and that they might even see “The Cleaner” return to DDT.

“Greeting DDT fans, it’s been a long time hasn’t it?” opened Omega. “As much as I wish I could be there in person, this video message will have to do. I’ve done something really bad. Something terrible. I’ve stolen Michael Nakazawa from DDT Pro-Wrestling, but in AEW we desperately need an Executive Vice President Vice President and Michael Nakazawa was perfect for the job. But we here at AEW never forget where we came from and we never forget family. I’ll never forget my days in DDT Pro-Wrestling and wrestling before “The Cleaner,” the days before the “Best Bout Machine.” I remember all of you at DDT Pro-Wrestling and I’m happy to announce that Michael Nakazawa until forever will be allowed to work for DDT Pro-Wrestling. So, I’m sure you’ll see Nakazawa again and who knows, maybe in the future you’ll even see me too.”

Check out the video below:

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