Allie Revealed As Latest AEW Signing, Brandi Teases AEW Title Belt Design In New ‘Road To Double Or Nothing’

AEW’s ‘Road to Double or Nothing’ series continues with its latest installment on the Nightmare Family YouTube channel.

The episode this week features a brief look at The Young Bucks winning the AAA tag team championships from the Lucha Bros. and Cody being attacked at AAA’s ‘Rey De Reyes’ recent event,  a profile on AEW’s newest signee Allie, Brandi Rhodes teasing the AEW championship title design, as well as a brief promo from the Lucha Bros. on the Young Bucks ahead of their upcoming match at ‘Double or Nothing.’

Allie is profiled in the video, showing how her roots in punk rock culture influenced her to go for her dream early on. She was not a quick learner but persevered, and through sheer determination got better until recently AEW came calling. She explains what being signed to AEW means to her:

“To me, it’s a nice alternative to what’s already out there. It’s an opportunity for, I think, the women to really show what we can do without any chains around our ankles. To believe in yourself and to believe that what you’re doing matters is incredibly hard. If there’s anything that I can leave within the business, if there’s like a mark that I can leave, it’s to inspire young women, to let them know that they can do this. And I think it’s really important for us as wrestlers to be good role models and to hopefully help and inspire young people to follow their dreams too. I think sometimes we don’t realize the reach that we have, and then when you experience it first-hand, I guess it lights a little bit of a fire under my ass to keep going and hopefully inspiring them.”

After profiling Allie, the show cuts to Brandi on the phone with renowned championship belt maker Dave Millican. Dave and Brandi discuss AEW’s championship belt design, teasing that the design will be heavily inspired by the likes of the Mid-South North American title, while having an original feel to it at the same time. Millican can be heard discussing it:

“We’re going for that ballpark, obviously a unique design so that we don’t look like that title belt – but, yeah, we’re swinging for the fences to get that knockout effect on the size of the belt overall, yeah that’s the ballpark we’ll be in for sure.”

The episode closes with a brief promo from the Lucha Bros., promising to take the Young Bucks down at ‘Double or Nothing.’

The whole video can be viewed below.

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