Booker T Responds To Torrie Wilson & Stevie Ray WWE Hall Of Fame Critics

WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T recently took to his podcast, “Heated Conversations,” to address the criticisms surrounding this year’s Hall Of Fame class. The five-time WCW Champion responded to those who say Torrie Wilson and Stevie Ray don’t deserve the induction, and also called out professional wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer.

Here are the highlights (Transcription credit should go to @JonFuentesMMA for

People who criticize Stevie Ray and Torrie Wilson’s Hall Of Fame induction this year:

What dictates whether you should get into the Hall Of Fame or not? I’ve had dirt sheet writers talking about, my brother shouldn’t be in the Hall Of Fame. People who haven’t done anything for this business, talking about who should or who shouldn’t get into the Hall Of Fame. My thing is this, if you done nothing and contributed zero as far as taking one bump on the road, you don’t know who should get in and who shouldn’t get into the Hall Of Fame.

Torrie Wilson is definitely Hall Of Fame worthy. She has paved the way for so many other lovelies, just like herself, that perhaps didn’t think that they could actually do it because they didn’t fit that mold. Torrie Wilson gave them that belief in themselves, to say, ‘Hey, if Torrie Wilson can do it, I can do it too.’ So Torrie is definitely a Hall Of Famer as far as I’m concerned. All the critics out there, all the pundits – who have never done anything, who have never taken one bump, who would never be awarded for anything that they’ve done in their lives, they need to step off. Torrie Wilson, you got my stamp of approval sweetheart. You stepped up.

Dave Meltzer:

The – what’s his name? The Dave Meltzers – I can’t even remember the guys’ name. He doesn’t understand that kind of stuff. And I hate even giving him a plug on my show. That’s what kind of dirtbag he is. I just had to throw that out there too. And if I see him anywhere – it better not be a Starbucks. I will be whooping his ass. Torrie Wilson and all the rest of them that is gonna be getting in, we all deserve that honor – all of us.

And for me, as a tag team, who didn’t even get a chance to work in WWE with my brother, my brother and I, we paved the way for so many other young African American wrestlers that watched us and said ‘Man if Booker T and Stevie Ray can do it, man, then we can do it too.’ We talk about how there’s not that many black wrestlers in this business, it’s because, they didn’t get the chance to see a whole lot of them in there and actually do it. That’s why, my brother and I, us getting that nod, of course, yeah, we deserve it.

Because we paved the way, not just for so many young black wrestlers, like Street Profits, but so many white kids as well. We represented for everyone. And for us to be able to get up there and thank those fans for bringing those Harlem Heat signs, to be able to thank those fans for coming down there in Atlanta, Georgia, making us feel like we were the best thing to come to Atlanta – man, of course we all deserve it. So we’re gonna have that moment. Barclays. Sold Out. And it’s gonna be good. Me and Torrie Wilson, and all the rest of us. It’s gonna be good.

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