Former WWE Writer Reveals Total Divas’ Original Name, Planned WWE Network Programs

Former WWE writer Brian Mann was the guest host on Post Wrestling’s Rewind-A-SmackDown podcast and revealed some interesting information about the WWE Network. Prior to the digital streaming service launching in 2014, writers were coming up with a number of different ideas. One of these wound up morphing into E!’s hit reality show, Total Divas.

However, it initially didn’t have such a catchy name. Instead, it was called Heels on Wheels. If this sounds familiar, it’s because the term “WWE Divas Heels on Wheels” was trademarked by the company back in 2011.

Mann also discussed a few programs that never came to fruition. One such show would be a cooking program starring none other than WWE superstar Big Show. Meanwhile, another was a show like NXT where wrestling legends would mentor young wrestlers.

Check out the full podcast below:

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