Daniel Bryan to Kofi Kingston: ‘B+ Is Not Good Enough’

Photo by Sarah Sachs/Arizona Diamondbacks/Getty Images

Prior to the start of the gauntlet match on tonight’s episode of SmackDown Live, Daniel Bryan took to the stage with Erick Rowan in tow to discuss the match, and he wasted no time in taking some shots at Kingston.

Bryan spent most of his time in the ring talking about how Kingston simply didn’t deserve to be in the gauntlet match, despite what he may have fans think. “I know better than anyone what it’s like to have the deck stacked against me,” said Bryan. “I know what it’s like for the authority to hold you down … despite the delusion that he’s sold you, people, that has not happened to Kofi Kingston.”

As he went on, Bryan specifically mentioned Kingston’s many chances, including his matches in the Elimination Chamber and past gauntlet matches. According to Bryan, Kingston is nothing but a “B+ player,” and doesn’t deserve the opportunity to face him WrestleMania 35. Despite that, Kingston still has a chance to do so, should he be able to come out on top of tonight’s gauntlet match.

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