Enzo Amore Talks Chris Jericho, Working With Childhood Heroes & Not Being Ricochet In-Ring

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Another clip from Enzo Amore’s shoot video with the Title Match Network has been released. The former WWE Cruiserweight Champion talked about working with Chris Jericho, learning from his childhood heroes, and how he’s not exactly as athletic as Neville or Ricochet inside the ring.

“I learned more from watching Chris Jericho work with a scarf in the ring than I did probably [watching most others],” said Amore. “This is me talking. I’m not Neville. But who couldn’t learn from this? Everyone could learn from this. I’m not Ricochet and I’m not doing [super athletic moves].”

He then discussed working with such a legend. “[It was incredible seeing] Chris Jericho with the scarf, and watching how he carried himself. He probably had his best WWE run. He had the list, the scarf. This was all happening while we wrestled Jericho and [Kevin Owens] at Summerslam. I couldn’t keep a straight face in the ring when he was going ‘Watch it!’ You can learn so much from watching things that are different.”

Check out the full clip below:

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