Renee Young Explains Her Commentary Feedback Of Not Having ‘To Talk As Much’

Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

Parts of the internet had been outraged after Renee Young said that she received feedback from WWE staff that she should talk less. However, a lot of important context was missing from what was being said. The whole situation was documented on her Regular Girls podcast, as Young talked about growing into her role as a RAW commentator.

She explains that each week she works with another commentator like Tom Phillips or Vic Joseph and goes over her peformance. “They’ll give me pointers,” said Young, who called the experience “extremely beneficial.” One of the notes was that Renee doesn’t have to talk as much as she thinks she needs to. Young found that difficult at first as she describes herself as a “talker,” and that it’s “an uncomfortable spot” when she isn’t guiding conversation.

So, no, WWE brass isn’t telling Young to shut up and talk less. She’s just getting feedback from her peers as they all continue to improve in their difficult position.

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