Backstage Details On Kurt Angle’s Wrestlemania 35 Match With Baron Corbin

Kurt Angle announced Baron Corbin would be his Wrestlemania 35 opponent, but this doesn’t appear to be a swerve leading to anything else at this time. is reporting as of last night, Corbin versus Angle was the 100% planned match, and WWE knew how fans would react to the bout, playing up the negative response on social media. Additionally, it was said that Angle himself might have been hoping for a more high profile opponent. Angle picking Corbin as the opponent was storyline, but the match itself (unless plans change) is set to take place at Wrestlemania.

Kurt Angle’s Wrestlemania 35 match against Baron Corbin is being billed as his ‘retirement’ match, and has wrestled Apollo Crews and Chad Gable during his farewell tour.

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