Impact Wrestling Results (3/15/19)

Glenn Gilbertti vs Kikutaro

Gilbertti dominates most of the match. Kikutaro fires up but misses a moonsault. Gilbertti lands the chartbuster for the win.

Winner- Glenn Gilbertti

Backstage, Taya Valkyrie says she knows there is a number one contenders match for her title tonight, but she can’t think about that right now. She is only concerned with her husband wrestling injured.

Reno Scum vs Fallah Bahh and KM

The brawl starts out on the ramp. Bahh is sent into the ring steps. Luster sends KM into the ring. Reno Scum takes turns beating down KM. KM manages to tag in Bahh. Bahh gets a near fall after a Samoan drop. Bahh gets the win after a belly-to-belly for the win.

Winners- Fallah Bahh and KM

Jordynne Grace vs Tess Blanchard.

Grace and Blanchard trade strikes. Blanchard hits the ropes and runs right into a Michinoku Driver by Grace. Blanchard kicks out. Blanchard reverses a muscle buster into a facebuster. Grace hits the Grace Driver for the win!

Winner- Jordynne Grace

After the match, Blanchard starts to beat up the ring bell guy. Gail Kim hits the ring and makes the save.

Backstage, Gail Kim is suspended for a week for the altercation she just had.

Backstage, Rosemary is trying to save the Bunny. Dark Allie won’t let go. Rosemary wants to know where the rest of the bunny is. Dark Allie laughs.

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