Figure Friday: LJN Toys – The Young Bucks (Photos)

It’s Figure Friday again and this week we take a look at the upcoming LJN Toys “The Young Bucks” action figures currently available for pre-order on! This is the return of the classic WWE toy line from the 80s, brought back by Chalk Line, whom make those awesome WWE jackets and more retro apparel!

The Packaging

The colorful packaging of this set is scary accurate to the original LJN style two-packs from way back when. It even has the flap with the logos on it, which may be a bit of a pain to display as it doesn’t stay open, which is the only downside to it. You can see Matt and Nick in their signature poses and it says you can twist and turn them, but I will get into that shortly. The back of the box has cutout cards of both Matt and Nick for old time sake as well as says you can collect them all, leaving you to wonder whom will be made next and when.

We spoke to Chalkline about this line and more figures are definitely on the way, but they’ve yet to be announced just yet. No word on when they will be revealed either, but maybe at San Diego Comic Con we’d hear or see something? Just some food for thought.

The Figures

The detail on Matt and Nick is pretty good for an old school-type feel. You have to remember these are just a modern take on very old-style toys, so to capture that they kept them simple. You can still see nice detail on their attire with the red dot-like designs as well as the tassels on their boots, as well as their entrance vests and armbands.

The likenesses on them are pretty good, once again you have to remember these won’t have Mattel-style detailed head scans, rather a more cartoony look to them. You can see the resemblance of them quite well keeping that in mind.

The box says you can twist and turn them, but these are more like the old WCW Galoob figures from the 90s than the 80s LJN figures in my opinion as they’re a lot stiffer while the LJN figures were softer rubber. They’re still great and will fit in just fine with your LJN and Galoob figures as the height is quite similar. You can see a style comparison in the video below.


It’s really neat to see the LJN toy line return, especially to Ringside Collectibles as you don’t have to run to the store to get them. These figures are highly sought after since being announced and you can currently pre-order them on and SAVE 10% with discount code MBG at checkout! I recommend them if you enjoyed the LJN toy line or simply want to start collecting the re-imagining of an old school toy line.

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