Brandon Cutler On What He Hopes To Convey To Fans In His AEW Journey, How His Wife Started Making Gear For The Young Bucks

The Get The Tray Tables podcast hosted by WZ’s Dominic DeAngelo. Along with his younger brother Marcus, Dominic discusses the hot topics of the week as the two reminisce on their wrestling fandom childhood.

In this special episode, Dominic & Marcus talk to Brandon Cutler. Cutler, a long-time friend of Matt & Nick Jackson, grew up in California and was a recent feature on AEW‘s “The Road To Double Or Nothing” series, being one of the competitors announced for this year’s “Over Budget Battle Royal.” Cutler returned to wrestling last year after being retired for seven years and below are some quotes from the interview in which he talks about how his wife began making attire for The Young Bucks and what he wants his story to convey to fans.

Brandon Cutler on his love for Dungeon & Dragons catching appreciation from his wrestling colleagues:

I had a few of the boys sometimes in the back, cause I have like the dice on the side of my tights now that they’ll come up and ask me, “Hey are those dice like Dungeons & Dragons dice?” I’m like, “Yeah, buddy!” And they’re like, “Heck yeah, buddy!” And they’ll like fist-bump, but that’s kind of it so far that I’ve gotten from like the boys.”

On how his wife started making The Young Bucks’ wrestling attire:

So she hit them up one time, we were at their house and was like, “Hey I’d like to just make you guys a pair of tights just cause I see your pattern, I could probably do it, the tights with the tassels on it.”

And so she made the tights and gave it to them and they loved it and then the idea of, “Oh, maybe we should make a jacket to match it.” And we saw how some of their jackets were back then. They were like jeans jackets and they had like studs put on them, or like people would take their current shirts, and like cut it out and patch that onto the jacket. So she’s like, “I could probably do that.”

On what he wants his story to convey to fans:

A big thing I’m honestly trying to get through, especially with that story is that it’s okay to come back no matter how long you’ve left something. If it’s a passion of yours you can come back at it and as you see you can have a very successful shot at it. Not matter how long of a break you kept putting something off. Like those seven years, like I quit and the whole seven years I was like, “Yep, that’s it. I’ll never get into wrestling.” I was so convinced that I just gotta deal with, I gotta just be happy with what I did accomplish, but that whole first run I had, that was my dream, was to make it in wrestling. And it was just a constant struggle, even internally. That’s always everybody’s struggle whatever your dream is of like, “Are you good enough for it? Are you the right person for that? Is it ever going to become a reality?” And so that I left it for so long, I think that it’s the main arc of my story. Is that it’s like yeah you can come back and there’s still time to fight for your dream kind of a thing. It’s not like it’s ever too late. You’re still alive, you’re still breathing. If that’s still a dream of yours, seven years after you gave it up? I feel it’s like a Rocky moment right now, “I got this beast in me, I gotta get it out!” But that’s honestly what I feel like I want to be, like a big mascot for is that it’s never too late to go back at something you always wished for.

On being excited that his wife will get to see him wrestle at AEW Double Or Nothing:

I’m like, “That’s great cause now you can come and experience Starrcast and you can experience Double Or Nothing.” They’re going to be there the whole time. They’ll be there to see the match actually. Like my wife doesn’t get to like be at buildings a lot of the times for my matches and to be at that match of all matches it’s gonna be huge to be in the stadium when all that’s happening. That’s gonna be a huge moment for me and my family. I’m extremely excited for it.

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