How JBL Once Tipped At A WrestleMania After-Party, Some 2004 Foreshadowing Between Orton & Styles

How JBL Once Tipped At The WrestleMania After-Party

A fan shared a photo with JBL of his treasured JBL bucks that once rained down upon a live audience during the former WWE Champion’s grandiose entrance. JBL had quite the WrestleMania story to share about those phony greens during one Mania after-party when he couldn’t get served.

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Some 2004 Foreshadowing Between Orton & Styles

Who would have thought 15 years ago that Randy Orton would be facing AJ Styles at WrestleMania in New York City? This sign-toting fan likely didn’t fathom it, but little did he know the board he was holding told more than the statement that was written on it. The following photo was shared on Reddit:


Found this shot of a AJ Styles sign behind Orton back in 2004, who would’ve thought everything would come full circle? from r/SquaredCircle