WWE Issues Branding Guidelines For WrestleMania 36, Finn Balor & Stephanie McMahon Speak At UAE

WWE Issues Branding Guidelines

The Tampa Bay Times recently shared a list of “WWE Do’s and Don’ts” given to local media ahead of last week’s WrestleMania 36 press conference. It was announced next year’s “Show Of Shows” will take place from the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida on April 5, 2020.

Check out the list of WWE’s branding guidelines below:

  • When referring to our talent, we ask that you refer to them as WWE Superstars both for the men and women and NOT as “professional wrestlers.”
  • As of March 2016, our female Superstars are NO longer referred to as WWE Divas, so please call them WWE Superstars.
  • Please refer to our company as WWE and NOT World Wrestling Entertainment.
  • Please do not refer to our company as “the WWE,” but rather just “WWE.”
  • Please do NOT use the term “professional wrestling,” instead using WWE or Sports Entertainment to describe our brand (E.G. “We have many WWE fans in the Tampa area” or “I have always been a fan of sports entertainment.”)
  • The WWE Championship or WWE Title are appropriate names for the title. It is not called a “belt” or a “strap.”

Finn Balor and Stephanie McMahon Speak In UAE

WWE Superstar Finn Balor and Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon have been doing press in the United Arab Emirates. Balor talked about still being in awe of what he’s doing in professional wrestling, and being intrigued by the ‘Davis versus Goliath’ style matches:

It still hasn’t really set in, what I’m doing, you know? I feel like we move so fast in this industry and this business that we really never have a chance to dwell on what we’re doing. We just keep going, like case in point, I’m in Dubai right now.

I’ve been always been intrigued by the ‘Davis versus Goliath’ style matches. I was a kid watching Andre [The Giant], Big Show, Kane, Undertaker. For me to get to step in  and challenge myself against those bigger guys, that’s something that I enjoy.

McMahon made some comments about WWE’s work with The Abu Dhabi Special Olympics and the message of inclusion through sports:

That’s really what the Special Olympics is all about. I think that’s what Eunice Kennedy Shriver tried to do, was really to bring equality through sports. Because through sports, we’re all equal. This message of inclusion, this message of us all coming together, of all abilities bringing each other up.