WWE NXT Results (3/13/19)

WWE NXT Results 

March 13th, 2019

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Last Week’s NXT Live Results

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Semifinals: Moustache Mountain vs The Forgotten Sons

Bate takes Blake down with an armbar. Cutler tags in and gets suplexed by Bate. Bate only gets a one count. Blake puts Bate in a cobra clutch. Bate gets to his feet and manages to tag in Seven. Seven backdrops Blake to the outside. Seven unloads on Blake and Cutler with chop after chop. Fake out DDT by Seven for a near fall. Cutler chop blocks Seven’s previously injured knee. The Forgotten Sons take turns beating down Seven. Bate gets the hot tag and clears the ring. Bate picks up Cutler and Blake at the same time for an airplane spin. Bate misses a shooting star press off the apron. Bate picks up Blake and suplexes him into Cutler. Bate hits a splash but the pin gets broken up. Bate and Seven hit their patented rebound clothesline/dragon suplex finish. Ryker puts Blake’s foot on the rope. Bate dives over the top rope and takes out everyone. Bate goes up top but Cutler pushes Bate off the top. Outside the ring, Ryker attacks Seven. The Forgotten Sons hit their finisher for the win!

Winners- The Forgotten Sons

Backstage, Matt Riddle and Adam Cole argue about who is going to challenge Velveteen Dream for the North American Championship. Riddle challenges Cole to a match.

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