Justin Sysum On Being WOS World Champion, The Influence Of NXT UK, The Popularity Of Wrestling

Via: Justin Sysum

World of Sport star Justin Sysum recently took part in an interview with Sportskeeda, as fans continue to await news on a potential second season of the WOS revival.

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On winning the WOS World Championship:

It’s an absolute privilege to be holding the Championship. It means that I’ve got the trust of the company and all the people that have invested so heavily in the product. And to have gotten that championship by beating Rampage after beating everyone in the roster the episode before was really special. This is because Rampage is the best wrestler in the UK and possibly in the world at the moment.

On the influence of NXT UK:

It’s a good question. It may be a little early to say. From what I see, the independent scene was absolutely thriving before and it’s still thriving now. So, we’ll see how it goes. I have lots of friends that work in NXT UK. They are earning a really good living from professional wrestling which wasn’t really a viable option in the UK before. So, I’m really happy for those guys. And what that also means is that some new talent can step up in their place in some independent promotions where they don’t work anymore. So, I’m not sure. It’s probably brought more eyes to the independent scene.

On how popular wrestling could be:

“Good question. I think nowadays there are so many options available with the internet and Netflix. I think the more choice we have, the less likely that we’re all going to focus on one thing. I remember when World of Sport first aired, the match between Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks drew 17 million viewers when there were only 30 million people in the UK. But that’s probably because there were only 3 things on television at the time.”