Stephen Amell: ‘Celebrity’ Tweet To Batista Was Meant As A Joke, The Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection vs Evolution (Full Match)

Stephen Amell Responds To Batista

Stephen Amell posted the following reply to Batista’s less-than-warm response to his comments about a ‘celebrity angle’ taking place at Wrestlemania 35, as The Animal is now set to face off with Triple H in a no holds barred match:

Hey Dave — I went out of my way to introduce myself to you in Atlanta at a convention so I could tell you what a big fan of yours I am. You couldn’t have been more pleasant. My tweet was meant to poke fun at me. It clearly wasn’t funny. Please don’t kill me.

Amell’s initial comments seemed to be an playful jab at The Animal’s flourishing acting career, as well as a reference to his in-ring appearances for WWE and All In. Batista and fans didn’t take it that way, but Amell has now confirmed that yes, it was intended as a joke.

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The Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection vs Evolution (Full Match)

The following full-length match features Batista in his heyday with Evolution taking on The Rock and Mick Foley in a handicap match at Wrestlemania XX: