Randy Orton Mocks Bullet Club, Has Tense Debate With AJ Styles

After a surprise appearance at WWE Fastlane, “The Viper” was back on WWE SmackDown. He cut a scathing promo at his rival AJ Styles. “When I was 22, AJ Styles was shaking hands at bingo halls when I was becoming the youngest WWE Champion ever. While he was getting a tan with Dixie Carter, I was wrestling The Undertaker at WrestleMania … This isn’t the house that AJ Styles built, it was built long before he ever step foot in this ring.”

That was enough and Styles came down to the ring to confront the WWE veteran. “For someone that looks down on the indies, you sure did follow my career pretty closely,” said Styles. “You’re right. I did come from the indies and I’m damn proud of it too.” He then told Orton that he wouldn’t have made it in his world and mocked the signature pose of “The Viper.”

“You’re going to tell me that none of your indie pals ripped anyone off?” asked Orton before flashing a “Too Sweet” gesture. Styles struck back by listing off all of the help that Orton has had over the year from his father to Evolution. “Sounds like to me that you’ve had a lot of babysitters,” said Styles.

The segment ended with Styles challenging Orton to a WrestleMania match. While not a word was spoken, “The Viper” made it clear that he was interested.