WWE SmackDown Live Results (3/12/19)

WWE SmackDown Live ResultsWWE SmackDown Live Results

March 12th, 2019

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Last Week’s Smackdown Live Results

In Ring Segment: Shane McMahon

Shane asks the ring announcer to come into the ring. Shane instructs him to announce Shane as the “Best in the World”. Shane pushes the ring announcer int the corner and tells him to say it like he means it. Shane grabs the ring announcer by the face and tells him to say it will conviction. Shane says he did what he did because he is sick of it. Shane is sick of everyone. Shane says he is tired of everyone always needing something from him. Shane is the best in the world because he was born that way. From this point forward, Shane is going to do for Shane. Shane says he had such an amazing time beating the Miz’s ass that he wants to continue doing it at WrestleMania.

Aleister Black, Ricochet, And The Hardy Boyz vs The Bar, Shinsuke Nakamura, And Rusev

Black and Nakamura trade kicks. Black trips Nakamura. Ricochet tags in and lands a dropkick followed by a standing moonsault. Matt tags in and hits an elbow drop to the back of Sheamus’ neck. Jeff tags in and he and Matt crush Sheamus with the spin cycle. After a distraction by Cesaro, Sheamus clubs Jeff. The heels take turns working over Jeff in their corner. Jeff manages to tag in Ricochet. Ricochet tags Rusev over with a head scissors followed by a dropkick. Ricochet tries a springboard but Rusev swats him out of the air. After the break, the New Day hit the ring and beat the holy hell out of Nakamura, Rusev, and the Bar.

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