Tamina Talks Nia Jax, Being In Jail, And Allegations Against Jimmy Snuka

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Tamina Snuka was recently the guest on the latest episode of Lilian Garcia’s Chasing Glory podcast. She touched on a lot of interesting subjects including her reaction to Nia Jax’s WrestleMania moment last year, her time in jail, and how the industry has changed since she began wrestling.

Check out highlights below:

Transcription by WrestleZone.com Senior Editor Tyler Treese.

On Nia Jax winning the championship: 

I was in gorilla when that happened and I was so happy that she got to do it at ‘Mania and got the title. I was so happy for her, but at the same time, you sit there and go “Damn. What could I have done to be able to get the championship?” You wonder what more you could have done to get that championship.

I might have this wrong, but I believe that I’m the first Polynesian woman to be in the WWE. At one point, I did express that I wanted to be the first Polynesian woman to win a title. To be the champ and do all these things. I have to give the props to Nia … she was the first one to get a title. It was my dream to do that … but it never happened to me. Will it ever happen? I don’t know, but I’m gonna keep pushing and going. I’m 41 and I’m still [wrestling].

How the industry has changed:

I love it. When I did come in, it was a different industry of “Hey, I want to get all my spots in,” or “We do things like this.” I was bigger, I was taller, and I would take [all these moves] since they were the veterans. It didn’t make sense at the time, but with what I know now, I’m [kicking myself] for not protecting myself. 

That’s what I love with the industry now. It’s totally different. Everyone does what they want to do and we can showcase all our athleticism.

On allegations against her father:

I don’t know the depth of all of that situation. I have no idea. I was young at the time. I had never been a part of that whole thing. It was all from a book that was written. That was when everything happened from there.

I did [have a conversation with her father] about it, but it’s one of those things you stay away from. I don’t touch on that. At the time, you just be supportive of my dad since I know who he is as a person. That’s who I know him as.

On being in jail:

Somebody hurt my older sister at the time and we were at a dance club. I started punching and fighting. I was in High School still and I wasn’t supposed to be in the club. I just ran out and started fighting. I was standing up for my sister. I got arrested!

I was in jail that night, and it was great. They put me on the side with the men since all the women’s cells were taken up. I was still in high school, it was my senior year. I was terrified since it was the first time that I had been to jail and it was misdemeanors, assault on an officer. I didn’t know it was an officer at the time, that was trying to pull me off, so I kicked him in the balls. I thought it was some guy trying to beat up on me. Thank goodness my older brother and my dad had taught me stuff. He was an undercover cop. It wasn’t fair at all. He pinned me down, smashed my face against the tire, and goes, “I’m a cop!” 

So, here I am, a senior in high school, and I thought I was going to flunk out of school. I’m looking at the girls I fought, and they’re in nice clothes. I’m in an orange [prison outfit]. I got the charges, and it was one of those things where you think back and go, “Do I have anger issues?” Things change. Good people came into my life and I played basketball.

On a match against Nia Jax:

I can’t wait until that happens. When that moment comes we’ll make some magic. You always want to give the best entertainment to the rest of the world.

…I can’t wait to cut that one [promo]. I don’t need you, I don’t need anybody to express who I am and what I can do. I don’t need anyone to tell me who I am. At the end of the day, win or lose, I’m walking out of here with my head up high.

Make sure to listen to the full podcast for a ton more from Snuka.

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