The Full-BIooded Italians Reuniting In The Ring This June, Asuka Full Body Workout On ‘Celtic Warrior Workouts’

Full-Blooded Italians

The Full-Blooded Italians Reuniting In The Ring This June

ECW originals like Tommy Dreamer, Bully Ray & Rhyno still may be roaming the in-ring wrestling scene, but they aren’t the only extremists still keeping their blade sharp. Full-Blooded Italians founding father Little Guido James Maritato still slaps on the boots from from time to time and so does long-time seasoned veteran Tracy Smothers. It’s been revealed by Tommy Dreamer that the two former Full Blooded Italian OGs will be returning for the House Of Hardcore “Farewell To The Fairgrounds” show on June 1st in Nashville, TN.

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Asuka Full Body Workout On ‘Celtic Warrior Workouts’

In the latest Celtic Warrior Workouts, Sheamus and Asuka align to show fans how to get a full body workout in that’s fit for an Empress:

WWE Superstar Sheamus aka The Celtic Warrior here… They call her The Empress of Tomorrow because it feels like she’s from another time and another dimension. And after a short but intense Full Body Circuit Workout with Asuka, I tend to agree. She’s most certainly not form this world.

I’ve been chasing Asuka for a training session for some time now, I thought we had it sorted many times but there’s that language barrier or many she was just avoiding me. And I thought I had excellent Japanese. But we got it done, 3 Rounds of 7 Sets with 1 Minute Rests. I almost blew chunks. Asuka wanted to do 3 more Rounds. Some times it hurts to… Brave Change.