Batista vs. Triple H Official For WrestleMania 35, Will Be No Holds Barred

Photo by Satish Bate/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

As advertised, Triple H and Batista had their first face-to-face confrontation since the latter assaulted Ric Flair on his 70th birthday party. “The Game” came down to the ring first wearing a leather vest. Then came the wrestler turned blockbuster actor and he didn’t come alone. He had a squad of personal security come down with him.

“Security is here because I’m not stupid,” said Batista. “I learned. I paid attention. I learned from two of the dirtiest players in the game: you and Ric Flair. Where’s your sledgehammer, Hunter? Your biggest mistake is always underestimating me. I’m in control here and you’re going to give me what I want. You know what it is.”

Triple H wasn’t having it. “I’m not giving you a damn thing, Dave. How many times have you quit and walked away?” He then called Batista a coward and vowed to destroy the “guardians of the independent scene” to fight the actor.

Batista once again asked for the WrestleMania match and threatened to keep hurting people that Triple H cares about. “Hunter, you know you want it. I know you. You want to hurt me so bad but you won’t give it to me because you’re not in control. Say it.”

“The Game” had enough and finally gave in. “You want me for WresltleMania? You’re on!” He then declared it will be a no holds barred bout.