Natalya On Finally Seeing The Fruits Of Labor As A Veteran Woman In WWE

Natalya was featured on this week’s episode of the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast, and talked about all things action figures, WWE, growing up with a wrestler as a parent and much more.

During the interview, Nattie and hosts Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins were talking about being mentally tough and what they’ve learned about being in WWE as veteran wrestlers now. Nattie talked about still being in the locker room, working through the different eras of women’s wrestling in WWE to the ‘Women’s Revolution’ era, saying she wasn’t thinking about leaving when the ladies are finally seeing the fruits of their labor:

“I’m a veteran girl in the locker room and—it’s like ‘still here’, yeah, and loving my job. I’m like, wait a minute— we’re finally going to start rocking and rolling with the girls, I’m not leaving.

We’re finally doing all of the things that I wanted to; all I’ve ever really wanted to do was wrestle. Now that we’re finally getting a chance to wrestle and the girls are main eventing RAWs, main eventing SmackDowns, main eventing pay-per-views—potentially main eventing WrestleMania—I’m not just going to walk away now after I’ve been waiting my whole career for this.”

Additionally, Nattie talked about the merchandise aspects of being a WWE Superstar, and shared a funny story about how she and her sisters almost caused their father, Jim Neidhart, to fly to an event without his newly-won WWF Tag Team Championship:

“My Dad, when we were kids, we’d see my Dad on TV. We’d be like ‘Daddy’s on TV, this is so cool!’

When my Dad won the [WWF Tag Team Championship] on TV we grabbed the tag titles out of his suitcase and ran around the house, and my Dad literally didn’t realize we took the title of his bag. He had a show that Friday—he had a loop at Madison Square Garden—my Dad got to the airport and he’s going through security and he saw that the title wasn’t in his bag. My sisters and I had pulled it out, we were playing with it. Luckily, my Mom—we didn’t live that far from the airport—raced back home and grabbed it and raced back to the airport. They held the plane, my Dad didn’t have to leave until [the last second]; my Dad almost went to MSG without his championship because of us.”

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