Reported Details On Backstage Support Of Arn Anderson After WWE Release

arn anderson

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer is reporting the latest in his Observer Newsletter of some of the details

behind what some of the talent reaction was and is to Arn Anderson being released from his position at WWE this past month.

Anderson was let go by the company after it was reported that the long-time agent allowed Alicia Fox to wrestle at a house show while she was intoxicated. Meltzer reports this is the last match that Fox has had, which was believed to be on February 10th in Saginaw, MI or a match on that particular loop.

According to Meltzer, a lot of the talent was quiet on the nature of the story, but those that they did hear from were in defense of Anderson’s role in the situation even if from the surface it’s pretty a clear-cut incident.

That particular defense from said talent is that they insist Anderson didn’t know Fox was that bad before the match as the women are used to Alicia acting erratically backstage which she has done more recently as of late.

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