Daniel Bryan: Vince McMahon Was Right To Replace Kofi & Kevin Owens Is A Nobody

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

“The Planet’s Champion” Daniel Bryan opened WWE SmackDown tonight. He was joined by Rowan and proudly displayed his WWE Championship to the crowd. “Last week I sat in this week and remained silent as [everyone] gushed over Kofi Kingston,” said Bryan. “Still again, I remained silent when Mr. McMahon replaced Kofi Kingston in the WWE Championship match at WWE Fastlane. Now it’s my turn to speak and your turn to remain silent!”

Bryan continued, “I’m not out here to talk about Kofi Kingston. Why would I? He’s not a leader. Kingston is a supporting player which is why he’s exactly where he should be with his buddies The New Day on a promotional tour of India. Mr. McMahon was right to replace him.”

However, Bryan wasn’t a fan of his replacement saying that it didn’t make sense to replace someone that wastes pancakes with someone that “eats copious amounts of pancakes.” He then said Owens doesn’t deserve a shot “because Kevin Owens is a nobody.”

Before Bryan could finish his rant, he was interrupted by Owens. He told Bryan that during his injury he stopped being a WWE superstar and that he was just a member of the WWE Universe. “As great as that time off with my family was, it was also hard to watch other people do what I love to do except for when you were out here. When you were out here, it wasn’t hard it was just awful.” Owens then vowed to shut Bryan up once and for all.

After another war of words, Owens went after Rowan and threw him out of the ring. He then started to attack Bryan and almost hit a stunner until he was chokeslammed by a returning Rowan.

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