WWE SmackDown Live Results (3/5/19)

WWE SmackDown Live ResultsWWE SmackDown Live Results

March 5th, 2019

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Last Week’s Smackdown Live Results

In Ring Segment: Daniel Bryan and Rowan

Bryan says he remained silent when everyone was gushing over Kofi Kingston. He remained silent when Mr. McMahon replaced Kingston. Now it is his time to speak and for everyone else to be silent. Bryan says he isn’t here to talk about Kingston. Kingston is not a leader. He is a complementary piece. Mr. McMahon got rid of someone who throws out copious amounts of pancakes for someone who eats copious amounts of pancakes. Bryan says Owens is a nobody but that is why he is dangerous. Owens has nothing to lose. Owens walks out and tells Bryan that he is horrible. Owens says he is going to shut Bryan’s mouth. Rowan gets in Bryan’s face. Owens dumps Rowan over the top. Owens is about to hit the Stunner on Bryan but Rowan makes the save. Rowan iron claw bombs Owens.

Jey Uso w/Jimmy Uso vs The Miz w/Shane McMahon

The match started during the break. Miz almost hit the skull crushing finale. Jey lands a Samoan drop. After a distraction Miz lands the Skull Crushing Finale on Jey for the win.

Winner- The Miz

Backstage, Charlotte Flair says she is going to invite Becky Lynch to meet her in the ring if she is man enough.

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