Alicia Fox Reportedly Offered A Chance To Go To Rehab; Fox Comments On ‘Resilience’

Alicia Fox was reportedly offered a chance to go to rehab, but instead remained absent from WWE, leaving many people question her status.

According to, Fox was given an opportunity to go to treatment but elected not to, leaving many in the company not even knowing where she was. It was noted that Fox was on “thin ice” several times in the past, including the reported incident with Ronda Rousey’s husband, Travis Browne, last year at Wrestlemania that apparently led to her being pulled from the Women’s Battle Royal. Another incident cited including Fox arriving two hours late to a show in 2017 while she was said to be in line for a push.

On a related note, Fox broke her social media silence and posted the following on her Instagram account, simply providing the definition of resilience. Fox has not officially commented on the report, but this was Fox’s first post since February 18th.

Earlier today it was reported her intoxication during a live event led to Arn Anderson being fired by WWE:

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