Torrie Wilson Calls Her WWE Hall Of Fame Induction ‘Sweet Closure’, Says It Makes Her Feel Appreciated

Torrie Wilson spoke with ESPNW after news of her WWE Hall Of Fame induction broke. Wilson called the honor worthy of a championship win, something that alluded her during her in-ring career:

“This feels like a sweet closure. Since I retired, so many people have asked me, ‘Do you feel bad you’ve never won a title?’ And I have always said no, because I felt like I got the value — even though it would have been nice [to win a title]. But being inducted into the Hall of Fame feels like a championship belt to me, because it really makes me feel appreciated.”

Wilson also spoke about how today’s women’s wrestling has evolved, calling Becky Lynch a strong competitor:

“It’s actually mind-boggling to me when I watch their matches. I remember watching Becky Lynch and then asking her after, ‘How are you going on? How are you doing matches after matches? Aren’t you hurting?’ And she is just tough as a nail.”

Wilson says she wants to encourage people to keep pushing, and says she wants to inspire people to be just as confident and cites how she’s seen the results herself:

“I want to stress to people — we fall so hard. I have fallen so, so hard so many times, and wasn’t sure if I could get back up. And the truth of the matter is, every time I fell, my life got even better when I crawled out of it.”

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