Gail Kim Defends Torrie Wilson Possibly Entering WWE Hall Of Fame

Gail Kim

(Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images)

Former WWE star Gail Kim is coming to the defense of reports that Torrie Wilson will be entering the WWE Hall of Fame this year. It all started when a twitter user by the name of ‘All About Strictly’ said the following: Torrie Wilson couldn’t wrestle, she was only good for stripping, acting like a lesbian & making out with the other media wh*** Sable, what about those who actually deserve & earned it.

Gail replied with “Just stop it. She deserves it. This tweet is BS” and that opened the door to a bunch of other people coming after Gail about sticking up for Torrie. Another user claimed that Torrie entering the HOF was a ‘controversial’ decision to which Gail said: “Why is it controversial? She has contributed a lot to the business and the fans adored her. There are people who are way more controversial picks. Like that poop Donald Trump. I don’t care whether there is a celebrity inductee or not. That whole part should be taken out.”

Of course bringing up Donald Trump made things even worse for Gail Kim who continued to endure more altercations with fans. You can see a few of the tweets mentioned above below and see Gail Kim’s twitter profile containing many of her responses HERE.