Details As To Why The XFL Was Brought Back

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Jeff Gross

Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer  reported via the latest episode of “Wrestling Observer Radio” with Bryan Alvarez some between-the-hashmark details as to why Vince McMahon made the  decision to bring back the XFL after information behind a lawsuit was filed against the Alliance Of American Football (AAF).

According to the lawsuit, Charlie Ebersol, son of former NBC executive Dick Ebersol wanted to purchase the XFL property off of McMahon in a meeting with the WWE CEO and NBC. Ebersol and his financial backers offered Vince McMahon $50 million to buy the rights of the league. Instead, Vince figured that if someone was willing to buy the property, that he’d bring back the league himself. That’s why Charlie Ebersol started off the AAF and that’s also why Vince was quick to pull the trigger on a press conference announcing the return of the league.

You can read ESPN’s write-up on the matter by going here.

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