Deathmatch Wrestler Opens Up About HIV Diagnosis

Photo credit: TIM SLOAN/AFP/Getty Images

Indie wrestler Adam Bueller is best known for his participation in death matches, but recently admitted that he has been diagnosed as HIV positive. This was a shock to many, and did an in-depth interview on the subject. Naturally, this led to many being worried about his well-being as well as the wrestlers that he’s been in the ring with.

Bueller gave an update on Reddit about the situation:

Hey guys, Adam here. I’m the guy who was on the receiving end of this interview. I appreciate all the positive (pun) comments and well wishes from everyone. Thankfully this is not the 80s anymore and I’ll be able to live a full normal life. It sucks having to walk away from wrestling, especially at the time I was getting the best quality bookings and making the most money (yes we deathmatch wrestlers work for more than hotdogs and $50) of my entire career. I even had an international booking for the first time ever. The whole point of this interview is to remind people that this stuff is still out there. We all have to do a better job at policing ourselves and make sure we’re being responsible by getting tested regularly. I’m 100% certain this didn’t come from wrestling, but I was fully expecting to returning to wrestling once in remission. Had I not found out that I had HIV, I would have unknowingly put lot of people, many of which are good friends, in serious danger. Thankfully no one I’ve bled with has contracted it, but it’s still something we should all be aware of.

Hopefully all wrestlers are regularly getting tested in order to keep the form of entertainment safe for all participants.

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