Eric Bischoff On Why He Would Pick Becky Lynch To Build A Promotion Around

Eric Bischoff took part in a fan Q&A during a recent edition of the 83 Weeks podcast. One fan asked Bischoff: If you were to choose talent for a new promotion, who would you build your entire roster around? Co-host Conrad Thompson challenged Bischoff to name one wrestler who would be his ‘#1 draft pick blue chipper,’ and Bischoff responded:

Becky Lynch…..She has figured out, she has found the crack that allows her to walk through a door and connect with people on social media like nobody else in the WWE Universe or anybody else in the wrestling business has ever been able to do – that I can tell. She is right on the edge of too dangerous, meaning going too far, it’s either obvious, or mean spirited, or whatever. She walks right up to that edge where it starts to become dangerous and you start to feel, ‘Whoever she’s talking about is gonna be really pissed when she reads that? They can do whatever they want on WWE TV because we know a bunch of writers script that.’ When Becky tweets something out and I’ve heard her do it in interviews too because I follow her – I don’t watch her a lot on TV – but I follow her on social media and I’m a fan of what she does. She just has a way of connecting with an audience and I think that’s what The Young Bucks did. How the hell did they sell 10,000 seats in 27-28 minutes and do a million dollars in pay-per-view off of YouTube? They did it because they know how to connect. That’s the connection that I wanted to make there, but I think talent now and certainly producers, but producers are slower to learn new tricks by nature – but talent are going to find a way to tap into that and you’re gonna see other Becky Lynch’s. She’s gonna become the standard. She’s gonna become the ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin promo. She’s gonna become the Ric Flair promo everybody wanted to hear. She’s gonna become the ‘Eat your vitamins, say your prayers,’ Hulk Hogan. She’s gonna be that standard, if she keeps going the way she’s going, and a lot of other talent are going to have to play up to that standard, if they want to not embarrass themselves. That’s why I pick her. She’d raise the tide. I think the tide would rise around her and because of her, so there you go.

(Transcription Credit: Michael McClead, WrestleZone) 

Readers may listen to 83 Weeks in its entirety below:

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