Rikishi: The Usos Have Nothing Else To Prove In WWE, Expresses Concern For Their Bodies Holding Up

Rikishi was recently featured as one of the 50 international experts that made up the Wall of the World on CBSThe World’s Best. The WWE Hall of Famer recently opened up to Scott Fishman of TV Insider about the experience. Highlights appear below.

Rikishi On Representing Samoa On World’s Best:

The thing for me was when CBS had a shot where everyone held up their flags. When I was holding up Samoa’s flag, I turned around and looked at this ‘Wall of the World.’ You see international flags from all over. It was a such a touching moment for me. It was peaceful. At that time, with what is going on in the world, all I was seeing was love and unity.

It was so nice to be a part of something like that. Behind the scenes, and when we were able to go back to the greenroom, you are sitting with people you don’t know. But with this show, you get to know everybody because you are doing time there every week to film the episodes…We’re all still friends today, and I think CBS has started something that will last a lifetime.

On Whether He Bonded With MMA Fighter Anderson Silva & Martial Arts Expert Chinzo Machida:

I guess being from the sports field, and from one athlete to another, it’s a different vibe for us. Me, I’m used to these types of TV shows because when you are performing on Monday Night Raw or SmackDown, we’re live and adapt on a dime. We were talking amongst each other and respecting each other. It’s a beautiful thing.

Rikishi On The Usos:

Jonathan and Joshua Fatu, they are pretty much well secured there in WWE. I taught my kids everything they need to know in the industry, but I think they have nothing else to prove in WWE.

My thing is I’m always concerned about my kids and their bodies holding up in the industry. We don’t have time off. They run 365 days a year and gone all the time and performing every night. I’m kind of leaning for them to go to Hollywood. I kind of see a Samoan dynasty reality show for CBS, I think, somewhere down the line.

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