Ariane Andrew (Cameron) Takes Exception To Naomi’s Recent Storyline With Mandy Rose

Former WWE Superstar star Ariane Andrew (Cameron) was a recent guest on Women’s Wrestling Weekly where she spoke openly about the SmackDown Live Mandy Rose & Naomi angle where Rose was attempting to garner ‘attention’ from Naomi’s real-life husband Jimmy Uso.

The former Total Divas star expressed disappointment with the recent Naomi/Mandy Rose angle and with how her good friend Naomi is currently being used by the WWE, “That’s my girl and how are you gonna do her like that? She’s so much more than that…..Trin [Naomi] is so talented. I’ve always looked up to Trin. She was always my sister from another mister. I was always like, ‘Teach me. Guide me.’ I just felt like for her, ‘Why are you gonna do my girl like that?’ She’s already brought so much to the company. She’s been there forever. She deserves – hard worker, and the sweetest most humble person ever. The sweetest girl ever, so I’m like, ‘She deserves better than that.’”

Andrew continued, “Sometimes you’re put in these positions where you’re like, ‘You know what? If this is gonna help elevate you Mandy, I’m gonna help elevate you.’ Sometimes you kind of have to take the backseat of something that’s not the best for you. I’m about that. If I’m gonna help you get somewhere, it’s go time. People don’t get that as women. That’s why I love Trin. She’s like, ‘OK girl, I’m gonna give you your moment.’”

The former WWE Superstar opened up about what she would do if put in a similar situation, “It depends on my position with the company. Where Trin stands she is in a position where she’s been there….if I was in Trin’s position, I would fight a battle. I’d be like, ‘I’m willing to help her out. I want to be there. It’s not about me, but this is how I’d do it. If I’m gonna be building someone, I’d have no problem. Let’s build her. Let’s go. Let me give you the spotlight that you need, but I’d like it to be done this way.’ Everything is about showing the receipt, ‘I’ve been here. I’ve been here for you guys, but I’d like to do it this way, so can we switch a few things to make this happen where it still makes me look good, but I’m helping elevate her? It’s not about me, but I still want to be in this circle where I’m feeling 100 about it.’”

(Transcription Credit: Michael McClead, WrestleZone) 

Readers may listen to Ariane Andrew’s interview in its entirety below:

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