More Details From Roman Reigns’ Personal Trainer

Last evening, Roman Reigns‘ personal trainer, David Gonyea, set the entire internet ablaze by claiming that Reigns was training for an in-ring return. Many speculated that Reigns would be returning soon, even in time for WrestleMania 35. While that may still be accurate, Gonyea also dropped the following details via his Instagram account.

When a conspiracy theorist suggested that Reigns’ cancer was a work, Gonyea responded, “Nah man he’s still recovering. He won’t be in action for another few months… keep in mind what leukemia is… and that he has been in remission this was a flair up that he needed treatment for. I was working out with him and he was definitely moving slow. It’s the PG era they aren’t working cancer.”

Gonyea added, “He is getting better. Not 100% yet but he’s getting better and will be back.”

When fans accused Gonyea of playing spoiler to Reigns’ upcoming RAW appearance this Monday, he responded, “What do you think he’s announcing??? That’s he’s going to be an extra in Hobb’s and Shaw?” Gonyea opened up about what Roman Reigns may talk about on Monday’s episode of RAW, “Since he left he’s been preparing to come back. Monday he will let you know how close he is.” He continued, “It shouldn’t be any spoiler that Roman Reigns is working his ass off to get back in the ring.”

Gonyea also revealed that Roman Reigns is involved in another entertainment project, a Happy Madison Netflix movie, “Two movies actually. Hobbs and Shaw and a Happy Madison Netflix movie too.”–/

RAW airs this Monday night at 8PM EST on the USA Network.

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