Producer For Lucha Underground: ‘Personally, I Think It’s Dead. But I Hope Not.’

Lucha Underground

Chris DeJoseph, former WWE writer and one of the main producers for Lucha Underground answered a question on Twitter that asked him on the possibility of the series returning for a season five. Fans of the show will not be pleased with the response DeJoseph gave as it is sure to bring a tear to faces covered by those LU masks:

Season 4 of the show began airing in June of last year and since then there has been questions regarding the budget footed for production and if the show will be able to keep it’s head above water. Executive Producer Eric Van Wagenen stated in a November interview the following:

“I don’t know anything about season 5. We survive as El Rey survives. We need them to be successful and we need them to be able to afford to do the show.”

“I think we reached the tipping point budget wise. We’ve gone I think as low as we can go. And I don’t know that we would try to replicate the business model of season 4 again. And so it becomes a question again of ‘can we find a way to do season 5 without it being cheaper and faster and all the other things?’”

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