Rey Mysterio On His Current WWE Run: ‘It’s The Most Important Part Of My Journey’

Rey Mysterio

Photo by New Japan Pro-Wrestling/Getty Images

Rey Mysterio was interviewed by Sohail Malik of Al Jazeera and a heavy focus of the article was Mysterio bringing Latino pride into mainstream wrestling. Mysterio talked about several aspects as to what this return to WWE means to him and even discussed a once-pitched storyline involving him and President Donald Trump. Clips of the article are below:

Rey Mysterio on what pushed him back to WWE since leaving in 2015:

“I am representing my people. I feel it, I know it, I’ve known it from day one, and it’s the most important part of my journey…”

“Doing my part in the entertainment world to be able to be a distraction whether for a second or forever for my people, it’s a blessing to be able to do that,” Mysterio said. “It’s very hard to have everybody tuned in in the same state of mind, where we all get equal opportunities and we all get equal love from each and every race that is out there. Unfortunately, some people do not think that way.”

How Mysterio was going to represent Donald Trump in the WrestleMania storyline 12 years ago:

Mysterio nearly crossed paths with Trump 12 years ago as part of a WWE storyline, according to former WWE creative writer Court Bauer.

In the supposed plot, Trump was at war with WWE chairman Vince McMahon, which culminated in a showdown at WWE’s showpiece event, Wrestlemania. Each would select someone to fight for them, and Mysterio was in line to represent Trump. But in the end, Trump picked Bobby Lashley.

Explaining that he was unaware of those plans, Mysterio says it is difficult to imagine himself representing Trump in such a scenario.

“Imagine some of those images popping up at this time if I was that person,” he joked. “It would have been interesting to see those pictures floating around these days; Donald Trump with the Mexican-American wrestler Rey Mysterio.”

Mysterio on wanting to leave something behind:

“I want to leave something behind. A lot of fans will still be talking about Rey Mysterio after I am gone. But my purpose isn’t just to leave memories behind,” he said. “My purpose is to help those up-and-coming Latino superstars that are bringing in this lucha libre style, and help them revolutionise the sport.”

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