So Says Shernoff Elimination Chamber Special, Zack Ryder Acquires RARE Hasbro Ring From Bill Apter

So Says Shernoff Elimination Chamber Special

Josh Shernoff is back again with another exciting edition of the satirical wrestling show So Says Shernoff. This time Shernoff unpacks the best & worst wrestling couples of all time and offers a comedic in-depth preview of tonight’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.
Shernoff also had something to say about Dean Ambrose‘s WWE departure and his previously scheduled intergender match against Nia Jax, “Why make such a big deal out of Dean Ambrose deciding to leave several months from now? For starters, maybe it’s a work. Maybe it’s all part of a story in which case bravo to the WWE for pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes. I mean that sincerely….I like to not know what’s happening. It’s part of the fun; however, if that’s the case and he’s not leaving, and you have him working Nia Jax as a good idea and not a punishment, then clearly someone at WWE smoked the prototype of Daniel Bryan‘s belt.”
Readers may watch the new episode of So Says Shernoff HERE.

Zack Ryder Acquires RARE Hasbro Ring From Bill Apter

When Bill Apter unveiled a RARE Hasbro WWF Hall of Fame ring, wrestling figure aficionado Zack Ryder had his doubts and questioned the ring’s authenticity, “We are very rarely incorrect on the podcast and if we are incorrect, we admit it. We apologize. We follow it up. We talked about on the pod – I can’t believe we’re going to admit defeat here. Bill Apter posted pictures on his Twitter of this Hall of Fame Hasbro Ring and me and you were like, ‘No, fake. Custom. Bill Apter doesn’t know what he’s talking about.'”

It turns out the legendary wrestling journalist actually does know what he is talking about. An Instagram user contacted Zack Ryder and informed him that the ring was actually authentic and given away as part of the 1994 Hall of Fame ceremony, which took part one night before that year’s King of The Ring tournament. The rings were used as centerpieces on tables during that Hall of Fame ceremony and one ended up in Apter’s personal collection.

Ryder continued, “I want to apologize to Bill Apter and when I found out, I was like, ‘I need this ring.'”

Ryder, who is a huge collector, ended up acquiring the ring for his own collection:

Readers may listen to The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast in its entirety below: