Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows Talk Early Struggles, Having To Tell Finn Balor ‘It’s Scripted Entertainment’

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows were on The Jim Rome Show recently and had an incredibly entertaining interview. The two discussed getting botox, their early struggles to make a living, and a hilarious story about Finn Balor taking his storyline too seriously.

Check out highlights below:

Transcription by WrestleZone.com Senior Editor Tyler Treese.

On possibly getting botox:

Anderson: One time we were in Japan, we had had ourselves a couple beverages and Gallows looks at me and goes, “Hey man, we gotta talk about getting that botox, man. You’re starting to get the crow’s feet.” I said, “What in the hell are you talking about?”

Gallows: I said let me get some cocoa butter on that face of yours. We can’t age, we’re gonna wrestle forever.

Anderson: I’m not gonna show up next tour looking like this [he proceeds to widen his brow].

What it means to be a good brother:

Gallows: I probably started saying this 10 years ago and it’s just a term that started getting used in our industry. It just means you’re a good dude, a guy you want to hang out with, crack open a beer with. He won’t stooge on nobody. You need some good brothers in your life.

Working New Japan Pro-Wrestling:

Anderson: I was in Japan for eight years. When I first signed that contract in 2008, it was the coolest thing that ever happened. First time I started getting paid. I went from making $5,000 in 2007 to probably $55,000 in 2008, and it was like I struck gold. Each year the contracts got better and at the end we were making some bank.

[Wrestling in Japan] is still good guy versus bad guy and telling a story, but there’s nothing like competing in Japan. Those people believe and they love the sport of professional wrestling.

Karl Anderson on having to remind Finn Balor that it’s scripted:

This was when the Bullet Club was running hot and [Finn] was our “leader.” We were waiting in the lobby for Tama Tonga to come downstairs and Finn goes, “Why am I always waiting for people? I’m the leader!” I go, “Whoa, Finn. Pipe it down. You know that Morgan Freeman wasn’t actually God in Bruce Almighty, right? This is scripted entertainment. It’s a television show.” He stormed out.

Luke Gallows on wrestling being called fake:

Fake is such a funny word when it comes to what we do because you’re moronic to think a big boot and a leg drop really pin somebody, but on the other hand, I wish all the things we heard about ourselves for years were true. I wish there were fake chairs, I wish the ring felt like a trampoline. I would feel so much better. WWE has cleaned up the business so much. When we first broke in, if you took a chair shot and put your hands up you were considered not a man. So, we were standing there for $20 getting [our heads hit].

Check out the full interview below: