CM Punk On Tonight’s CFFC 72 Card, Calling Fights For CFFC And If He Ever Planned On Calling MMA Fights

Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Tonight CM Punk will be on the call for CFFC 72. The event will be broadcast on UFC Fight Pass and he will be on the call with Mike Gill, who hosts a sports radio show in South Jersey. Punk joined Gill on his show The Sports Bash on ESPN 97.3 and talked about the upcoming fights. During the interview Punk was asked if he was still training, which he replied, “yes I am.” As for CFFC 72, Punk talked about calling the fights and if he ever envisioned doing that. You can read highlights below and the full interview in the video below:

On if he likes calling fights for CFFC

“I very much do. That’s the whole exciting thing. I guess it’s a cheesy, corny thing to say, but these are the MMA stars of tomorrow. They’re on fight pass. It’s a tremendous opportunity. Not only do I feel privileged to be able to call these fights, but I feel privileged to watch them. I get to watch them and I get to watch them grow. Someday these kids are going to make it to UFC.”

“I feel like there is a responsibility to call these fights to the best of my ability and not let any of these guys down. I’m happy and privileged to do it.”

On if he ever planned on calling fights

“I can’t say that I’ve planned it that way, it’s just been a fortunate thing. I’ve gotten to do a lot of cool things in my life and like a lot of these cool, spectacular things, they just fall into my lap. And I’d be a fool to say no to any opportunity. It just so happens that I can talk a bunch of trash and I’m quick on my feet that way. So, it worked out.”