Sgt. Slaughter Remembers Pedro Morales

WWE Hall of Famer Sgt. Slaughter was today’s guest on Busted Open Radio where he talked about the passing of Pedro Morales:

He was one of those guys that couldn’t speak English a lot, but he had certain words that he could say. Most of his promos were, ‘I’m ready, baby. I’m ready for any kind of action.’ That’s all he had to say, and he was a great performer, and when I first came into the WWE with Bruno [Sammartino], and [Gorilla] Monsoon, and that talent, and the [Bob] Backlund‘s. Nobody did drop kicks that were 300 pounds, or came off a top rope, or flew over the top rope, so he always wanted to. He’d always go to Vince‘s father and go, ‘Mr. McMahon, put me with that guy,’ so I wrestled Pedro many many times, and just always enjoyed it, and every match was different, and it was an enjoyable time, and everything that was Pedro was in my heart. He was just a great guy. Of course, we lost ‘Mean’ Gene [Okerlund] not too long ago. You look back and you take life for granted, sometimes.

Readers may listen to Slaughter’s comments in their entirety below:

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